NOSonOS 2012

1st Nordic Open Space on Open Space

Kruusila, Salo, Finland

Fri 17. - Sat 18. August 2012 - NOSonOS
Thu 16th - Accommodation and pre NOSonOS encounters!



This is an Open Space Technology learning exchange and get-together. Here people share experiences and knowledge in the spirit of Open Space Technology. Beside OS small group discussions there will also be room for experimenting, testing and developing various parts of OST. Here you can try out new ideas or generate new wisdom together with your peers. This is a place to meet new and old friends among the Open Space tribe. NOSonOS is for everybody interested in using and understanding OST and contributing to the on-going development of OST and the OS-tribe in Northern Europe.

FriendshipHISTORY of NOSonOS

Scandinavian Open Space on Open Space has become a tradition. Year 2011 9th Scandinavian OSonOS was held in Stockholm thanks to Ulrika Eklund and Pernilla Luttropp. During the meeting a decision was made to organize 2012 a Nordic meeting instead of the traditional Scandinavian meeting. The idea is to invite our Finnish scholars, our Baltic and other Nordic connected colleagues to be part of this spectacularly powerful and splendiferous tradition.


NOSonOS official opening ceremony will take place 10 am on Friday and the closing is due to Saturday 4 pm. The time between we will make up our own schedule and pace. Snack is available non-stop, breakfast at 9 am, lunch 1 pm and dinner when "it's the right time".

You are welcome to show up at any time on Thursday or on Friday morning. Non-stop get-together with Finnish night food and sauna is available for early arriving on Thursday evening. On Friday evening we will enjoy a gala dinner followed by sauna and improvised programme.


Our venue The Friendship Inn is an old-style Inn with extra warmth and heart with many cozy corners for dialog and relaxation. It is located at an idyllic spot beside Pern lake. The sauna is heated with wood every evening and people are welcome to gather around fireplaces and candles at the beach terraces.

The accommodations are moderate, but comfortable and homey and the cuisine is traditional Finnish food. Pre NOSonOS accommodation is available. For all co-inviters and other early arrivers there will be at the venue on Thursday a get-together around the fireplace with sauna and traditional Finnish evening menu.


Kruusila and The Friendship Inn is halfway between Helsinki and Turku close to road E18. It is 96 kilometers (60 miles) from Helsinki and 75 kilometers (45 miles) from Turku. See the map here!

Address: Kalkkilantie 74, 25110 Kruusila, FINLAND

Driving instructions: If you are arriving by car take E18 and exit “Kruusila / Rekijoki” and turn to Kruusila and drive 700 meters (800 yards).

By bus: Take a bus from Helsinki or Turku – just make sure the couch is Express Bus and that it stops at Kivihovi when coming from Helsinki and at Muurla th I  when coming from Turku. Call us well before your bus leaves so we can arrange a pick-up from the bus stop.


Fri 17. - Sat 18. August 2012
All inclusive with accommodation 210 €
Thu 16. - Sat 18. August 2012
All inclusive with accommodation for two nights and
Thursday evening get-together.
260 €

Our goal is to make the event as affordable as possible at the same time as we want it to be as easy as possible to attend the event with participants staying over night together at the venue having quality time together. We want to offer an inspirational and functional environment accompanied with interaction enriching program and delicious food. Therefore all services, meals, drinks, materials and accommodation are included in the registration fee. You may bring your bathing suit, bathrobe and other sauna supplies with you, but otherwise all you need to do is to show up and make NOSonOS happen!

Registration due to 1st August in order to ensure accommodation. Please fill the registration form:

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Please also register to the event in the Facebook in order to make your intents visible and to agree on ridesharing:

> NOSonOS in Facebook <


After all this warm up speeches, you are cordially invited to take part in the first joint Nordic OS learning exchange event. You are also very welcome to spread the good word about our gathering in Tampere, Finland. I will invite our Finnish scholars, but I hope you will help to invite representatives from the great "Scandinavian" OS tribe and our Baltic and other Nordic connected colleagues to take part of this spectacularly powerful and splendiferous tradition. 

Pern lake

Let's make this a great continuation for the Scandinavian OSonOS tradition
at the same time as initiating a birth of a new larger
Northern European OS tribe!


Jan-Erik Tarpila
Jan-Erik Tarpila
+358 40 514 2335